Be yourself in English – Speak with confidence and make the language work for you

British or American English? Who cares! We no longer live in a world where English belongs to 'native speakers' only. Still, many international professionals feel limited when they are asked to present in English and feel like – even if they can technically say everything that they need to say – there's always a part that doesn't come across when they speak English. Come to this practical session if you want to stop holding yourself back because of your English, hear about the most effective ways to grow your expressive abilities, and start working on your language skills in a way that makes you feel inspired and empowered.

Sarah Plochl

Sarah Plochl is a language coach who helps creative people express themselves more freely and beautifully in English. For her work, she draws on both her qualifications as a professional Business English Trainer and her experience as an artist and performer. With EDGY, she combines these skill sets to liberate people who are holding themselves back from professional opportunities and personal freedom because they believe that their English isn't good enough!