Emotional Mastery: A Path to Impactful Presentations

Emotions play a pivotal role in presentations, impacting both the presenter and the audience. In this session, we will delve into the inner workings of our brain, offering practical guidance on effectively utilizing your own emotions during presentation preparation and on stage. We'll also explore the emotional dynamics of your audience, equipping you with techniques to engage them deeply and deliver your message with lasting impact. This session consists of half theoretical content and half time to ask questions and reflect together.

Stephanie Weber

Stephanie is the Head of UX Design at Fielmann and her true passion lies in understanding what deeply inspires people and their needs. Her diverse background has given her a holistic perspective on brand and user interactions, emphasizing the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration and fostering an empathetic and inclusive team culture. On a personal learning journey this year, she explored the role of emotions in the context of (UX) daily work, and has consistently shared her insights and discoveries on stage.