Tale of Two Frameworks: Evaluating Spring Boot and Quarkus for Modern Development

In this talk, we compare Java's Spring Boot and Quarkus frameworks. Using a bookstore microservice project, metrics like memory usage, containerization, and REST Clients were evaluated. While Spring Boot excels in integrations, Quarkus offers features specifically optimized for Kubernetes development. Both have strengths, with the choice hinging on project needs and developer preference.

Elizaveta Oreshkina

Elizaveta Oreshkina, a Developer at ThoughtWorks, with a focus on backend development in Java and Kotlin. As a generalist, Elizaveta enjoys tackling new challenges. With an education in medical informatics and experience at firms like CSL Behring, Mercedes, and Porsche, she offers a holistic view on problem-solving. Additionally, Elizaveta is currently diving into the field of personal coaching.