Theater as a tool for expression

This short workshop is not to train actors, but to take advantage of theatrical exercises and intentionally work on forms of disinhibition, vocal articulation and projection, presence and creativity. All of this, as well as being a lot of fun, can help those who find it difficult to expose themselves publicly, for example, whether it's to express their ideas within a project, present a lecture or just improve social contact. But don't expect magic, it comes with time. Please wear comfortable clothes, we'll be moving around a lot at this session.

Ágata Baú

I currently work as a Community and Office Manager, but I have a lifetime of working in theater, production and cultural events in Brazil and Germany. I am an actress by training and by passion and I have done different things related to this: theater, children's theater, commercial shows and conceptual shows. I taught many theater workshops for beginners and I'm passionate about events, people and stories.